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Lot 34 - Orlando Pelayo (Gijon, 1920 - Oviedo, 1990) - "Arlequín" (Harlequin) and on the [...]

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Orlando Pelayo (Gijon, 1920 - Oviedo, 1990)
"Arlequín" (Harlequin) and on the back "Bodegón" (still life)
Oil on cardboard.  Signed.
There is an oil-painting of a still life on the back.

Pelayo arrived in Paris in 1947.
This painting is not dated but he painted it in 1948 or 1949,  when he was already completely integrated into the cultural life of Paris, spending his time with artists and writers etc, and taking part in various exhibitions such as "Joven Arte Hispánico" (Young Hispanic art), the one organised by Marc Vaux at the "Foyer des Artistes de Montparnasse",  the exhibition "French and Spanish Parisian painters" which took place at the Magiar Museum in Budapest and also the "Salon des moins de treinte ans", where his painting "La Chaise" was highly praised by critics and showed "Pelayo´s preference for simple objects, like this wooden and wicker chair, the simplicity of which underlines the frontal point of view that the painter adopts" (1),  as in the case of the painting in our auction, where Harlequin appears seated in the same chair which Pelayo had in his studio.
(1)Bibliography: Javier Barón. "Orlando Pelayo. Cartografías de la ausencia". Catalogue of the retrospective exhibition which took place in 1996 in Gijon at the Municipal Foundation for Culture.
Plate nº 5.
35 x 26 cm.

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