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Lot 14 - Lacquered wooden coffer with wrought ironwork from Peribán - Michoacán, Mexico.[...]

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Lacquered wooden coffer with wrought ironwork from Peribán - Michoacán, Mexico. 17th century.
A small piece of furniture for writing. With lots of varied and lush colours, the profuse ornamentation is really special, there is hardly any space at all that has not been decorated, both on the exterior and inside. There are figures, fight scenes, hunting scenes, courtiers, as well as miniature ornamental motifs at the edges. The central scene of the folding lid is framed by a border decorated with floral and geometrical motifs.
Similar pieces can be found in the Countess of Lebrija collection in Seville, photographed in the book of the exhibition “Teatro de Grandezas” published by the Andalucía Ministry of Culture (2007) p.153 and in the Convent of las Descalzas Reales in Madrid.
Bibliography: "México en el mundo de las colecciones de arte" Vol. 3 Chapter "El ajuar doméstico del tornaviaje" by D. Gustavo Curiel describes the two similar pieces at the Descalzas Reales Convent and compares them with bateas (large, circular trays) especially the one at the Concepcionistas de Agreda Convent, but they can also be compared to those at the Museum of America in Madrid.
Thanks to María Paz Aguiló for her collaboration in the cataloguing of this piece.
25 x 31.3 x 19.6 cm.

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