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Lot 171 - Fragment of a tray (batea) in lacquered wood. Michoacán, México. XVII. - Colombia. [...]

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Fragment of a tray (batea) in lacquered wood. Michoacán, México. XVII.
17th century.
Consists of slightly more than half the tray.
With lots of varied and lush colours, the profuse ornamentation is really special, there is hardly any space at all that has not been decorated.
Central medallion in which a female figure is depicted, playing the lute, surrounded by musical instruments and some animals, such as a small winged dragon, a dog, and various plants.
Around the central medallion are two whole medallions and a fragment of another, which means that there would have been four in total.
In those that are preserved is a woman looking at herself in the mirror, surrounded by animals in a landscape, and in the other is somebody riding a horse.
Between the medallions are fighting scenes, knights with bows and arrows and swords, as well as hunting scenes, courtly scenes and palaces.
The upper frieze is topped with a border of bunches of grapes and vine leaves.
On the back in the centre is a large medallion with leafy decoration surrounded by mermaids, scrolls of flowers and fruit and two medallions with animal characters.
Bibliography: "México en el mundo de las colecciones de arte" Vol. 3 Chapter "El ajuar doméstico del tornaviaje" by D. Gustavo Curiel describes two similar bateas, one at the Concepcionistas de Agreda Convent, and also those at the Museum of America in Madrid.
9 x 33 x 55 cm.

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